Even as law enforcement across Orange County attempts to drive the homeless into hastily conceived and assembled mass shelters, many of the homeless themselves are opting for the streets, the railroad tracks, and the even darker corners of the county to evade the increasingly limited options of shelter or jail. They are the shelter resistant…who feel they are better off on their own. Some may be…others may not survive long enough out there to find out.

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  • Shelter or jail is not an option, criminalizing homelessness is not only inhumane but also discriminatory, many of the shelter resistant are those with PTSD, Bipolar, or Agoraphobia
    (Phobias of being in crowded places) for those there should be an option of structure campgrounds, instead of leaving them in the streets or putting them in jail. Even though housing first is the model to end homelessness, many in the streets will continue to die of an early death while waiting for a home.