In the early hours of December 21, 2018 over 75 Anaheim law enforcement, public works and contracted outreach workers descended on Maxwell Park in West Anaheim determined to sweep the some 200 homeless camped on the sidewalks along Broadway Avenue into shelters or “into jail,” as officers presented the ultimatum to the homeless there. Lawyers for the homeless attempted to intervene with some tense moments of stand off in the pre and post dawn hours. Even Federal Judge David Carter showed up at one point to direct the action and observe the results. It would be a day repeated over and over at other parks in Anaheim and elsewhere in the county in a renewed push by local law enforcement and the county to corral the growing homeless population into mass shelters. . . .or into the jail/courts systems of Orange County.


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  • This is a valuable resource worthy of repeated viewing. Apparently little has changed for the homeless since the initial broadcast except the groundbreaking of two new shelters much like the existing ones.

  • I went to the shelter with the first bus, shelters bring on organized problems by staff an minions magnified by out patient jail methods of control. Shelters today are not the answer. Brooke fired us IDP long before this happened. I was in jail Oct to Dec on a warrant that Brooke said was fixed. All part of the plan but no plan but plan of stall hide the money disband 10 yr plan and shelter those who are manageable. Watch for part 2. The story is not what they do but what they will never do. Stick to your word your heart and your deeds.