Homeless in OC | Backstory

Reporters share experiences of walking and filing daily stories from the homeless evictions on the Santa Ana Riverbed and its aftermath.


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  • Thank you for bringing the homeless issue to light.
    And thank you for looking at the big picture of homelessness in OC

  • We really appreciate everything you do to bring the truth out about how humans are being mistreated right here in the United States. God bless you for bring such a kind and caring person!

  • Thank you for elaborating on this situation. Cities around San Gabriel River and roadway overpasses and underpasses still have human camps. The governments of Los Alamitos, Hawaiian Gardens, Cypress and Seal Beach are not providing any alternative shelter to homeless singles but merely run them out of town. This is social injustice. Incidentally, the B-roll about protesters bused in from South County to an Irvine “tent city” showed objection to its location on “contaminated” ground not to homeless shelter as such. NIMBYism was not demonstrated.